Aerial View – San Francisco The final version of the IFSA 2009 Program Agenda is now available.  Also available is a listing of all IFSA 2009 abstract titles and authors in two formats:

The IFSA 2009 Program captures the latest results from the research fields of inertial fusion sciences, high energy density physics, and related applications. As with the previous five IFSA International Conferences (1999 - 2007), there will be Key Note Presentations of 40 minutes each, Plenary Presentations of 30 minutes each, Oral Presentations of 20 minutes each, and Poster Presentations within 2 hour sessions.

All oral time durations include 5 minutes for questions. Each poster will be provided a space that is 4 feet high by 6 feet wide.  All oral sessions will take place in the Grand Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the InterContinental conference hotel.  All poster sessions will take place in the InterContinental Ballroom on the 5th floor of the hotel.

Approximately 600 scientists have registered from around the world with 450 papers being presented in the following categories:

Information about how the conference proceedings will be handled is available from the Proceedings link.

IFSA09 policy for abstract authors not able to attend the conference

The IFSA09 policy is that each abstract presented must have a unique author identified as a paid registered conference participant.  This policy helps to ensure that the meeting is well attended, that there are at least as many conference attendees as abstract papers being presented, and that there is a unique author to each paper included in the conference proceedings.

For abstract authors who are not able to attend the meeting, the following two options are provided:

  1. Author A (not able to attend) can request Author B (who has his/her own oral or poster) to present Author A's oral or poster provided that both Author A and Author B pay their individual conference registration fee.
  2. Author A (not able to attend) can request a paid registered IFSA participant, who is not presenting an oral or poster, to present Author A's oral or poster without Author A having to pay the conference registration.

In both cases, Author A will be able to submit a paper to the conference proceedings.