Coit Tower NOMINATIONS ARE REQUESTED FOR THE 2009 EDWARD TELLER MEDAL sponsored by the American Nuclear Society.

Nomination Process

Anyone in the inertial fusion field can nominate a candidate for the Edward Teller Medal. The deadline for nominations is January 19, 2009. Those previously nominated must be re-nominated to be eligible. Further details are available from the Awards Committee Chair,  .

All material must be collected by the nominator and forwarded to the Edward Teller Medal Committee,  , as a complete package. Packages need to be submitted in a single pdf file. The deadline for nominations is January 19, 2009.

Direct nominations in a single pdf electronic file via email to: 

Prior recipients of the medal include:

Stefano Atzeni, Italy; Nikolai G. Basov, Russia (deceased); E. Michael Campbell, USA; Robert Dautray, France; Larry R. Foreman, USA (deceased); Steven W. Haan, USA; Heinrich Hora, Australia; Michael H. Key, England; Joseph D. Kilkenny, USA; Gennady A. Kirillov, Russia; John D. Lindl, USA; Robert L. McCrory, USA; Juergen Meyer-ter-Vehn, Germany; George H. Miley, USA; Kunioki Mima, Japan; Sadao Nakai, Japan; John H. Nuckolls, USA; Mordecai D. Rosen, USA; Dov Shvarts, Israel; Laurance Suter, USA; Max Tabak, USA; Hideaki Takabe, Japan; Brian Thomas, England; Guillermo Velarde, Spain; Chiyoe Yamanaka, Japan; and George B. Zimmerman, USA.



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